What was thought of Assia Djebar in the minds of people?

You can find many novelists, fiction writers and social reformer who are living in each part of the world, where some people have found to be famous and popular and others are not remembered by people. In this case Assia Djebar is overall recognized as a major international figure in both film and literature of the 20th and 21st centuries. She grew up and started her career at the period of time where whole where the Algeria people were crucial to the progress of women rights and for the independence of the Algeria country. This moment of time forced her to start her career as a novelist and she wrote huge number of resistance tactics in her writing works that included political situation of Algeria, Condition of Women, rights of women and so many things. Her writings brought the women together both in looking towards their future and acknowledging their past. Assia Djebar is found to be an inspiration person for so many Algerians and her works contributed to the source of resistance and inspiration.

Teacher career of Assia Djebar

Apart from being a writer Assia Djebar also had experience in teaching were after the war year Djebar returned to Algeria too teaches history at the University of Algiers. Here Assia Djebar became the head of the French department later on after working for some years of time. She also educated French literature at the New York University and Louisians State University. After working as a teacher then she steps into the political field where she was the political member at this time, she contributed more works for the society and to the people of Algeria. Even now Assia Djebar is found to be the inspiration women for most of the Algerians.