Movies to watch on a dull day

Telugu full movies online have taken over a significant share in the market with their originality and great content. Talking about the world of content, people are working over that, but the Tollywood artists working over this have a great piece of mind. They have such beautiful content, whether horror, love story, comedy, or action, in movies online HD. They never ran out of range even when they had already covered 100% in the industry. People on their dull day search for Telugu full movies online as this is the only way to make it a fun day. This belief of people has made it very clear to every other industry to work hard on their content. In previous years Telugu has been loved internationally that made it a profit of $1 billion. This collection is the highest of all times. The Telugu full movies online have been loved unconditionally. There are thousands of Telugu full movies to make a dull day a fun day, including Hushaaru.

Hushaaru is a Telugu movie that was screened on the Aha application on 14th December 2018. It is a movie about friendship, romance, and comedy. It is one of the movies which can cheer up anyone’s mood on a dull day. This movie stills upcoming artists in lead roles. SreeHarshaKonuganti directs Hushaaru. In this movie, four childhood friends turned into mischievous youth. They pass their time by searching for their girlfriends. Two of them found their girlfriends, while two runs after Tinder dates. The four friends thought of being an entrepreneur. Eventually, they started with a beer factory and aimed to expand its factory to a restaurant. The movie revolves around how they face the obstacles and hurdles and how they overcome them.

This movie holds the right mixture of humour, romance, and emotions. The first half of the film is of love and romance with a little bit of comedy, by the other half is filled with youth, fun, and emotions. The movie has amazing actors performing in the best way to cheer up the audience. One of those movies is that one prefers watching with family and friends and having a beautiful time.


There is a drastic change in the way of thinking of people since the pandemic arrives. Before COVID, people love to watch movies with their loved ones in a cinema, but now the time has changed. The OTT era has arrived where one can easily watch movies online with their whole family. For streaming Telugu full movies online, an application named AHA solely to watch movies HD of the Telugu world. They contain almost every film of Tollywood world. There is much other application where one can quickly get the entire Telugu content such as Netflix, Prime, etc. Because of the love for Telugu, this application compulsorily adds the Telugu content.